Mel & Tyler | Maternity Session | King’s Landing

Baby Everly will be here soon…..sneak a peek this adorable belly and couple!! I met Tyler when he moved here from California long ago. I quickly fell in love with his family and well the rest is just more good stories! I was super excited when Mel contacted me about their session. I knew it would be perfect from the moment I saw her adorable flower headband she had planned to wear! After a miscommunication with the weather and a SUPER crowded park we found the perfect place to celebrate the soon to be new edition “Everly Tyler”. But can we just talk about her name for a minute…I mean seriously I am in LOVE with everything about it! It is such young and contemporary name for a blooming little flower! Sneak a little peak at the magical moments moments we had during Tyler and Mel’s session. I am looking forward to meeting her!! Congratulations y’all!

SNEAK PEEK | AMY and STEPHEN | Gemini Springs

This session was dreamy…Amy and I met in high school, we were Marionettes together <3 Kick Air! We have always stayed connected through social media and it was not long after Stephen popped the question, I received the “I’m Engaged” text with an image attached of a beautiful waterfall and her hand with her new shiny hand ornament! Shortly after that we had a little lunch date at The Sanford Brewing company contracts were signed and the engagement shoot was set!

Hair and make up was done at Amy’s house and when time became a factor we decided on a closer location and it worked out perfectly <3 we probably could have done the session in their backyard, their love is captivating.

I was so so so excited to celebrate their engagement with them during our session together! We had some fun thats for sure! Love is in the air and I am looking forward to celebrating their love with them in November!

but really? Who doesn’t love a big red barn and a sweet southern gentleman laughing with his ‘purtty’ fiancé’ on a beautiful and breezy Florida evening!

Looking forward too their viewing session Wednesday!!


All smiles,


Flip to page 71….of your Lake Mary Life Magazine

It’s officially published and if you have a copy I would not mind taking it off your hands 😉

I am not sure what I am more excited about….having my picture represent such a quaint and happy town or the Star Trek article it shares its page with. I guess you can decide for yourself.




Your town, my town; our town.  

Have you heard, have you seen or have you been??

Sanford, Florida. 

I am honored to have my image used to highlight such a great place! Historic is hard to maintain, mainly because it is old however, Sanford manages to highlight and preserve every ounce of it possible keeping its rich and exciting history alive. This town is Hip and Historic, there is no doubt about that. It also offers entertainment in so many different fashions and genres. I look forward to the continuing future of what was once nicknamed “Celery City.” Now for the future we seem to be working toward the “Beer City” and the best place to enjoy a great lunch, stroll by the river or just leisurely enjoy the shopping offered! The list is practically endless…a variety of foods, marshmallows and ice cream, drinks, parks, water, boats, shopping, book stores for reading, large pathways made for walking and at times you may even get to see a street performer or two. I even happen to know a great place to have your family pictures taken, wink wink!

Thanks to Amber at A Clore Interiors for letting me borrow your legs and your incredible sense of fashion!  Someone pinch me! Thanks Sanford for letting me use you as home for my studio and a place to explore!

Happy Halloween!

Oh how I love holidays; they really just make me happy. Every year we dress up as something themed together as best as we can because who doesn’t love to dress up! This year was completely last minute and I can not believe how adorable it turned out! We went with a circus vibe and man it sure was a “tough” act to beat! He was so proud to be the Strongest Man!

I picked up some styrofoam balls from the
local craft store and my mom helped me paint
them and assemble the barbell for the super
last minute “Worlds Strongest Man Costume”
on Halloween. My mom dug through the
costume box to find an old leotard and get this,
I wore this leotard when I was a kid to perform a Minnie number in my baton
days. Grabbed the tattoo sleeves and the sweet mustache from a local halloween
store and boom!

We, {well mostly my mom, she’s the best!} took time to give out candy at the studio as well as walk down First Street to look at everyone’s adorable and scary costumes!


Deagan stopped for a moment to pose with these
“Circus Performers” from Cindys Dance Studio,
they were great. Their technique, dances and
detailed attention to role playing was impressive.
I love that when I complimented one of the dancers,
she did not smile and say “Thank you.” Rather she
smirked politely and angled her chin down just
slightly to show her appreciation but enough to
not break her character. Great job ladies! 
Thank you for stopping to snap a picture with us!

We love being a part of the little town of Sanford! There were children everywhere! They were coming from everywhere! We are so thankful the City of Sanford puts on such a safe event for the children and their families to be able to enjoy!

After it was all said and done I had my mom snap a couple pictures of us in the studio 🙂 being able to keep and make these memories with this kid is the best gift I have ever been given. We hope you all had a Happy Halloween!
Strong man is always available for signatures 😉 Just give me call!


Thanks Sanford!
We had a blast!

One Tough Momma! {Maternity : Sanford, Florida}

When this “tough momma” contacted me for this shoot I was too excited! A lot of her friends are my friends and great family friends so I knew it would go just perfect! Just as expected we had a lot of fun, it was like we have been besties for years! We got together for a mini session in the studio but she then we went for a little walk with baby remy and found a fun place to show off! Being a mom really is a tough job and if you are doing it now just pat yourself on the back. Remy James is on his way!! I am looking forward to photographing your birth and holding him when he’s all fresh and new. Now back to work on your album…

See you soon Chace and I look forward to “meeting” the rest of the family!!

tough momma i make babies.


It has been a long road to get to here…The First of The Bun Series !

I have been working on a series of buns for a project and this is the first one I have gotten a chance to really take time and put it together and also fight with photoshop. I am learning along the way but I still get pop ups every now and again when I am not in the right place. I just use my main moto; “This too shall pass.”  I am using this series to learn photoshop and use my skills to their fullest potential. I just love challenges. I may even start a Beachbody challenge! Oh joy! Hope you like my first bun!


Sadie shows us ONE is FUN! { Sanford, Florida l Cake Smash }

When I met Sadie I fell in love with her! She made me work hard for her smiles but once we started playing we were having a ball! Turning one is such a huge milestone for a mother and her child and I enjoy capturing those moments!!

Katie thank you bunches for coming into the studio and sharing your sweet Sadie!
Happy Birthday to this beautiful baby girl!
Sadie (36 of 130)
Sadie 49 (43)Sadie 49 (45)
Sadie 49 (50)



Chris + Stephanie { Engagement Sneak Peek } Sanford, Florida

We met on a lovely Saturday Morning and strolled through Sanford photographing the love these two share! They were absolutely great and I am so honored to share their love story!



It really could not have been any more perfect. We ran into bubbles, beautiful sailboats and skies. The morning was perfect for them and when we got bored we just popped bottles!

     lay1  lay


I have many many great images to share with you from this session but I just had to let you sneak a peek at these!!

Thank you Chris and Stephanie!! I am looking forward to the studio viewing session!