Flip to page 71….of your Lake Mary Life Magazine

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November 1, 2016
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May 23, 2017
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Flip to page 71….of your Lake Mary Life Magazine

It’s officially published and if you have a copy I would not mind taking it off your hands ūüėČ

I am not sure what I am more excited about….having my picture represent such a quaint and happy town or the Star Trek article it shares its page with. I guess you¬†can decide for yourself.




Your town, my town; our town.  

Have you heard, have you seen or have you been??

Sanford, Florida. 

I am honored¬†to have my image used to highlight such a great place! Historic is hard to maintain, mainly because it is old¬†however,¬†Sanford¬†manages to highlight and preserve every ounce of it possible keeping its rich and exciting history alive. This town is Hip and Historic, there is no doubt about that. It also offers entertainment in so many different fashions and genres. I look forward to the continuing future of what was once¬†nicknamed “Celery City.” Now for¬†the future we seem¬†to be¬†working toward the “Beer City” and the best place to enjoy a great lunch, stroll by the river or just leisurely enjoy the shopping offered! The list is practically endless…a variety of foods, marshmallows and ice cream, drinks, parks, water, boats, shopping, book stores for reading, large pathways made for walking and at times¬†you may even get to see a¬†street performer or two. I¬†even happen to know a great place to have your family pictures taken, wink wink!

Thanks to Amber at A Clore Interiors for letting me borrow your legs and your incredible sense of fashion!  Someone pinch me! Thanks Sanford for letting me use you as home for my studio and a place to explore!

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